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Brother UK first started in London in 1959, and in 1968 moved to Audenshaw, Manchester, where it is still based out of today, and also has its European regional sales company in Dublin. Originally the company was founded 100 years ago in Japan, but now shares a rich 50 year history with Europe. The company has provided high quality industry standard products since 1962. Brother Industries has sales in over 100 countries, and over 23,000 employees around the world, with the UK operation providing a call centre, technical support, sales, warehouse distribution, and marketing to its UK customers. Today, Brother continues to be one of the biggest electronics manufactures, and innovators in the world.

Brother's printer consumables will meet all your printing needs. Brother manufactures many replacement parts including drum units, ribbons, battery packs, belt units, and even speciality paper. All equipment is factory calibrated for using specific Brother components. Using these will ensure the best, and most optimal performance of your Brother printing equipment.

They also manufacture a wide variety of Inkjet Cartridges. This ink is the product of vast research and development involving over 100s of elements. Your Brother printer's printing algorithm used to calculate the proper amount and mixture ratios of coloured ink, is only based off Brother's ink formula.

Using this ink in your printer will ensure the highest quality of picture, and assure accuracy in photographic colour matching. However, our compatible Brother ink cartridges are guaranteed to perform nearly as good as the more expensive original Brother ink, beware very cheap inks that can eventually block your print head. Borthers original ink and our superior compatible ink also has anti smearing and clogging qualities, with the timing of your printer only designed/calculated for Brother's specific ink's formula.

This ink is also designed to optimally flow through the key points of the cartridge, and distribute evenly on the page for the best image quality. The Brother toner cartridges have been specifically designed for their laser printing system, with all Brother toner cartridges manufactured to best quality standards. Every single cartridge goes through a battery of tests to maintain the highest level of quality control, and assure customer satisfaction.

The toner particles are merged with a polymeric binder. This binder keeps the toner pigments motionless, stabilising them, and produces the most accurate image. For the final image it also provides a glossing phase. Just like the ink standards, Brother's toner is also specifically formulated to fit the required demands of their printers. A very important aspect to toner is the temperature control. All toner must be heated into a fluid at its melting point to flow onto the paper, which is a very sensitive temperature. Brother's laser printing systems are only designed to set their formulated toner perfectly, creating optimal image production.

With our easy to use web site, you can quickly find either cheap Brother inkjet cartridges or cheap Brother toner cartridges that best suites your needs. We are here to help you find what you are looking for, and provide a positive online shopping experience. All orders through our web store come with free delivery. We assure only the highest standards of service to our customers, and if there is any dissatisfaction with your order, we offer a money back grantee. All orders are processed, and shipped with the utmost care and speed.