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Epson Stylus S22

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6 Item(s)

Compact Printer for Photos and More: Epson Stylus S22 

At just 22.7 x 41.5 x 13.5 cm, the Epson Stylus S22 is a good choice for small spaces. It prints both documents and photos. This printer costs less than 30 GBP, so it’s very affordable. The combination of small size and low cost makes it perfect for students.

Photo editing software is included in the box. Resolutions as high as 5760 x 1440 dpi can be achieved and a wide range of paper sizes can be accommodated, including envelopes. The paper feed can hold up to 100 sheets of A4 paper.

The S22 cannot be operated as a standalone photo printer, as there are no memory card slots. It requires a USB cable for connection to a computer, which is not included and must be purchased separately. Wireless and Ethernet connectivity are not supported. The print quality is good, but it is not as crisp as will be found with more expensive printers. Like most Epsons, it can be noisy while drawing paper, and printing is somewhat slow at higher resolutions.

Genuine Epson ink contains resins which produce vibrant colours and printouts which are water-resistant and fadeproof for 100 years or more. This makes it a good choice for documents and photos which need to look good for a long time. Unfortunately, it is also expensive. The full set of four inkjet cartridges costs almost 30 GBP, the same as the S22 printer itself.

Users can save considerably by using compatible ink cartridges and we also offer these for the Epson sx435w printer ink cartridges. These cost far less, less than 12 GBP for the set of four. The quality is just as good as with original ink; it just isn’t as durable, which doesn’t matter as much for routine printing. Often, using genuine cartridges for some types of printing and compatibles for others is the best approach.

Whichever type of ink is chosen, the printheads are subject to clogging after a period of non-use, leading to streaking or skipping. The printer can be kept in top condition with regular use of a cleaning solution cartridge.

Top quality Epson s22 compatible printer ink cartridges, as well as original manufacturer ink, can be purchased at eezytrade. Ink is available for the Epson S22, and for all the other top brands and models. eezytrade saves you even more with free shipping and no hidden fees. Most orders are delivered the next day, and there’s a full money back satisfaction guarantee.