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Epson Stylus SX200

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7 Item(s)

All-In-One for Under 50 GBP: Epson Stylus SX200

The Epson Stylus SX200 combines scanning, printing, and copying into one compact machine. It has a memory card reader, so users can print photos directly from their camera’s card without having to upload them to a computer first. Prints can also be made right from the camera, if it is PictBridge enabled.

The SX200 prints at an average rate of 4 pages per minute for black and 3 pages per minute for colour printouts. It is fairly noisy, which is typical for inkjet printers. The unit is compact at 18.2 cm high, 45 cm wide and 34.2 cm deep. It does not include a colour screen, so photo editing cannot be performed directly on the unit. The USB cable required for connection to a computer must be purchased separately.

It can be found for less than 50 GBP, making it a good value. The performance is reliable for standard home use, and it can be used as a stand alone (not connected to a computer) photocopier and photo printer, using the memory card slot. One of the disadvantages is that, like all Epson printers, monochrome copies cannot be printed if any of the colour cartridges is empty. However, the ability to change out just the empty colour saves money over printer models which use a single cartridge containing all colours.

Epson inks are made using a proprietary recipe which includes resins that make documents and images highly resistant to water and fading. In fact, Epson believes that material printed with this ink will last for more than a hundred years. Compatible printer ink cannot approach that kind of durability. However, for typical day to day purposes, the performance is equivalent.

Compatible ink cartridges cost significantly less, as much as 75 percent less, than genuine Epson cartridges. On an annual basis, that can add up to a lot of money. Compatibles use a different formulation, so they do not infringe on any Epson patents.

The best strategy is to use genuine Epson inkjet cartridges for special printing purposes, and the compatible ink for more routine printing. This keeps the printheads clear, too, because of the cleaning component that is in the Epson ink.

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