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Epson Stylus SX425W

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11 Item(s)

Cheap Epson SX425W Ink Cartridges

If you purchase an Epson SX425W printer for around £50, you are in for a surprise. Because the genuine Epson sx425w printer inks will cost just over £40 for the full set of four colours, which could work out expensive if the printer is used a lot! The original black t1291 cartridge works out at costing around 3p per page which isn't that bad. Printing in just black would probably be a wiser move anyway, considering that coloured ink cartridges cost around 10.5p for each page.  If you were to buy our compatible Epson SX425W inkjet cartridges you would pay less than 1p per page which works out as great value for money.  

So, as you can see, our generic or compatible epson sx425w inks are very affordable.  They also come with free delivery to anywhere in the UK, even the highlands and islands, very quickly.  They are fully guaranteed to work in your printer.  The cartridges are also hidden away by a series of covers.
The genuine or original sx425 ink cartridges use inks that are resin-based.  As a result of this innovation, the print will dry out right during the time the paper hits the tray.  This is the case even with standard photo copy type paper, if you are worried about your prints lasting over 100 years then your would be advised to buy the original epson printer cartridges, but to be honest storage is so cheap now that you are probably better just to keep the photo on a memory card and re-print with compatibles if they start to fade!

The only problem is that the inks based on resin are not as good on photo paper (which tends to have a glossy finish).  If you use the them on photo paper, the result might be lacklustre.  This is because the sx425w model is limited by having only four ink cartridges. On the other end of the spectrum, if you use these cartridges to print on normal typing paper, you should end up with excellent results.  Compatible Epson SX425W printer ink cartridges work especially well for newsletters, flyers and other similar forms of advertisement.  The colours are more vivid and bolder than what you would get from other ink cartridges.

Printer Specs
The Epson SX425W is designed in the following manner: the left side contains the top panel, while there is also an opening for memory card.   To make sure everything is working correctly, you can run a maintenance check.  The maintenance check will test the cartridge’s nozzle and its printing heads.  

If you have a USB connection, you can also perform a maintenance check through your computer.  The computer maintenance check can be run using a PC or a Mac.
The Epson SX425W prints are enhanced if you use genuine cartridges, but you'll also get great results with our own brand of cheap compatibles, which also contain loads more ink than the original ones.  On this Epson printer, the onboard controls are operated using a 3.8cm LCD colour screen.   This is 1.5 inches in old imperial measurements, which us brits still like to use.   When you compare these specs to the touchscreens of other printers, you see that Epson is pretty decent, but there are other ones out there on the market that you might want to consider if you want photo quality printing.  

If you use the SX425W to print out in monochrome, it will take only 10 seconds to process each page.  Colour and text will take about 35 seconds, which still is not bad considering the other printers that are in the market that take a lot longer.

However, there are many current inkjet printers that can print faster.  This is one of the few downsides of the Epson SX425W printer.   Canon’s iP4850 and the MG6150 are six times faster than the Epson SX425W and significantly the Canon mg6150 ink cartridges hold more ink.  Unfortunately, to have access to this type of speed, you will have to pay more money for the printer.  With the Epson SX425W, you pay what is standard for original ink cartridges, the real savings are made with our cheap cartridges.

If you only care about printing every day types of documents, the SX425W printer is an excellent choice. However, being that the Epson printer has its own limitations, you might have to forego certain luxuries.  Printing in auto duplex mode is an example.  You might also lose the ability to neatly load paper into the tray.  This is an important factor to think about, because if the paper is not properly in the tray it will jam the machine.  When the machine gets jammed, you will not be able to print anything at all.  But if you follow the machine’s instructions, you should be okay.  At this juncture, an Epson printer can hold around 100 sheets of paper (that is 80 gsm). The SX425W is also a little noisier, than most other inkjet printers although the noise is still low compared to other printers.

In summary, if you are interested in a decent printer and ink combination, consider going with the Epson brand.  While both the printer and the cartridges have their disadvantages, they will do what printer and ink are supposed to: print out text or graphics with a decent appearance.