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The HP PSC printer range combines Printer with scanner and copier; perfect for home, office, or home office use. Deskjet printers are more commonly used in office scenarios because they offer a high quality black text print while the high quality of HP Photosmart printers makes them the perfect accessory for the budding digital photographer. Other HP printer ranges include the Design Jet, Office Jet, and Business Inkjet ranges.

The Cost Of Consumables

One of the biggest potential problems with any inkjet printer is the cost of inkjet cartridges. HP cartridges are no exception and especially for users that take advantage of photo printing, colour copying, and colour printing the cost soon mounts up. HP have attempted to redress this cost by using four different HP inkjet cartridges in their newer printers. Now, instead of being forced to replace your entire ink stock when you've run out of just one colour you can replace each cartridge as and when necessary.

Discount HP Cartridges

The four HP ink cartridges relate to the colours black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Eezytrade prices are among the best in the industry and our free postage, quick delivery, secure ordering, and exceptional customer service makes us the best choice for HP inkjet cartridges.

Black & Multicolour HP Inkjet Cartridges

Other HP printers rely on the use of two cartridges - one black and one multicolour While these can prove more costly for the avid photographer and colour user they do offer greater convenience for office or home office users when colour printing is not required every time. Photo quality HP colour cartridges can be used to improve the quality of colour printouts providing users with another method of cost and task efficient printing.

Recycled Inkjet Cartridges

As well as stocking discount HP ink cartridges we also supply high quality recycled ink cartridges. These have been refilled with excellent quality ink that is at least as good as the original ink. All recycled HP printer cartridges from eezytrade meet and beat the stringent UK standards. Customers buying our recycled HP cartridges still enjoy free and quick delivery, a secure shopping environment, and our exacting standard.

HP Printer Cartridge Conclusion

HP inkjet cartridges do not need to be the expensive consumable product they once were. Our discount inkjet cartridges are among the cheapest and by taking advantage of recycled cartridges, compatible ink cartridges, and other offers users can enjoy high quality and affordable printing regardless of the situation.