How To Save On Printer Ink

Printer ink is quite literally one of the most expensive things per unit that the average household has to spend money on. Many refer to oil as black gold, but one NPR story on “All Things Considered” suggests that ink for printers is the other black gold of the modern world. In an interview on the program, a man named Eduardo Porter gave this answer to exactly how expensive printer ink is:

$4,731 a gallon of printer ink. And that was more expensive than a 1985 vintage Krug champagne.

He goes on to say that the companies that make printer ink and even the printers themselves often design these products to trap customers into one particular model of something (in this case a printer) and then charge high rates for the small things that go along with it.

You have likely experienced the squeeze of paying for printer ink yourself. If so, you want to escape this reality as soon as possible. The fact is that no one should pay more than they absolutely have to in order to obtain the printer ink that they require.

One trick to getting better prices is to buy the ink from online stores. Not only do these stores have lower overhead than a traditional retail store, but they have also purchased the ink in bulk. This means that they have received a discounted rate on it, and they are able to pass those savings on to you.

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