Printer Cartridges Of The Future Could Be Filled With Cookie Dough

The future of printing is currently focused on the amazing world of the 3D printer.  While the concept of 3D printing has been around for decades, it is just now that the production costs of these fantastic machines is low enough that it is actually making it possible for you and I to own one.

These printers look like your typical printer but instead of the injectors just printing side-to-side, they are also capable of printing up and down. The inks are then applied layer by layer until the 3 dimensional form is completed.  Now, just think about these “inks” being made of plastics, silicone, human cells, sugar and yes, even cookie dough.

The media has been quick to publish the possibilities of printing things like food, guns or human organs.  These are now very real possibilities and with a company like MakerBot who is currently offering a 3D printer for around €1550, it is putting this technology within reach of many more buyers. There are replicas out there that are even less expensive.

It still remains to be seen how the typical consumer would handle this kind of technology as it could, possibly, change the way we currently think about our “stuff”.  One of the most promising possibilities for 3D printing involves the creation of things to enhance human health and well-being. According to Phil Reeves of Econolyst, a UK-based consultancy in rapid manufacturing:

“Glasses frames are easy to change in the western world, but in developing countries, they are expensive or impossible to replace.  Often lenses outlive the frames in developing countries,” he says. If a village, or nearby town, has a 3D printer and access to some basic polymer raw materials, a new set of frames – custom made to fit the lenses – could be knocked out in no time.”

There may come a time in the future that we will be offering cheap replacement printer cartridges filled with cookie dough but until that day comes, Eezytrade is focused on bringing you the compatible printing consumables and larger toner cartridges you need today, delivered to your door as fast as possible, often within 24 hours of ordering.  Contact us to find out how we can become your preferred cheap printer ink cartridge source.

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