What Do Printer Cartridges And Wine Have In Common?

Hundreds of years ago, specifically around 1452, a gentleman by the name of Gutenberg designed the very first mass printing press.  He utilized an old wine press and outfitted it with moveable letters.  He also used an oil-based ink for printing.

Before Mr. Gutenberg’s invention most books were hand written on vellum which was treated lamb skin or calf skin.  You can still find some of these amazing manuscripts in museums today.  Many religious writings were also done on vellum and the holy men of that day were appointed guardians of this work.  They thought these books were very precious and the “common man” was not allowed to even handle these manuscripts.

Mr. Gutenberg decided that he should use his new invention to print up a few copies of the Holy Bible.  He had visions of bringing the written word of God to the common man and making a lot of money in the bargain.  He failed to consider the fact that most common folks of that day could not even read.  He did not consider how he would “advertise” his bibles for sale either and eventually he found himself broke with a few copies of the bible for his efforts.

Fast forward to today and the invention of the LaserJet printer that we all rely on at work and at home.  It was Hewlett Packard, in 1984, that invented the first desktop laser printer.  It was this machine that saw the end of the dot matrix printer.  With high resolution and super fast printing speeds, it meant that the dot matrix printer had seen the end of the road.

Now the big boys became excited at the possibilities and Canon, Epson, Apple, IBM, Brother and others quickly brought their own printers to the market. With so many companies competing for your business and releasing new and improved models constantly, it became apparent that the real winner in this race was the consumer.

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